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Thread: SLI Notebook

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    SLI Notebook

    I want to buy a SLI Notebook because i am really worried to move my 19" CRT and my Desktop PC to a LAN PArty, therefor i found something at SCAN, which is in my budget and should be enough for all the new games.

    What do you think about this system

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    • chrestomanci's system
      • Motherboard:
      • Asus AMD AM4 Ryzen PRIME B350M
      • CPU:
      • AMD Ryzen 1600 @ stock clocks
      • Memory:
      • 16Gb DDR4 2666MHz
      • Storage:
      • 250Gb Samsung 960 Evo M.2 + 3Tb Western Digital Red
      • Graphics card(s):
      • Basic AMD GPU (OSS linux drivers)
      • PSU:
      • Novatech 500W
      • Case:
      • Silverstone Sugo SG02
      • Operating System:
      • Linux - Latest Xubuntu
      • Monitor(s):
      • BenQ 24" LCD (Thanks: DDY)
      • Internet:
      • Zen FTTC
    It looks good value for a high end gaming laptop.

    You should bear in mind that most gaming laptops are large and heavy, and have poor battery life. That won't be a problem if you are only going to use it on your desk at home or at LAN parties, but if you plan to use it at your local coffee shop or pub while catching some sun it could be a problem.

    You might also consider buying an LCD flat panel and a shuttle or similar system, as that will be almost as easy to transport. If you buy just a barebone shuttle case, & transfer components from your old PC to it, you could do the whole upgrade for £500 or so. You might even get £100 or so for your old motherboard, case & that CRT.

    I am considering buying an ASUS A6JA laptop for about £1000, it does not have top end SLI graphics, but it does have an X1600 that should still be acceptable for most games, and it is fully portable, and weighs about 3kg. You might also consider it if portability is important.

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    if its just the problem of getting it to lan m8, i seriously recomend buying a shuttle SN25P or 26P or something similar, they looks better than lappies and u can put ur current spec in it...if not the laptop does look nice
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    i only want to carry one thing and with a shuttle i still need to carry 2 so there is no big difference from the desktop.

    To the asus i need to say it don`t looks bad, but i play Q4 and therefor i would need something like this because of the XHD gaming. Also in WOW it should help a little bit if you can use the widescreen you see more and the resolution on this is WUXGA (1920x1200).

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