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Thread: NEC 3500A vs Pioneer DVR-110D

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    NEC 3500A vs Pioneer DVR-110D

    I bought a Pioneer 110D second hand for a second (testing) system, it's beige whereas my NEC is black... anyway...

    Does anyone know which one is "BETTER" or are they pretty much the same?


    Basic specs below:
    Pioneer: 16x DVD, 6x Dual Layer, 40x CDR
    NEC: 16x DVD, 4x Dual Layer, 48x CDR

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    Both are good drives, although the NEC is much better supported via modified firmware. I did have the Panasonic 110 for a while, it ended up in a system I was building for a friend. I also had the NEC 3500, then a 3540 both burned to a good quality on a range of blanks. Have now left the NEC camp and found burning haven with a BenQ DW1655! Have a look at for lots of NEC goodies

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