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Thread: New build...

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    Ah yes...the antec case does weigh a bloody ton

    Uni flats are all about making as much noise as possible

    When I was in them a last year I was really into Call of Duty 2, which has a ton of bass, the entire flat could feel the vibrations from my speakers (That was on low volume too )

    If you want a half decent set of speakers then you could look at some Altec Lansings, my 2.1 system is very cheap but they're very good for the price.

    Yeah I heard the maxtors are good drives, can't go wrong with them, it's just the seagates are a bit speedier

    With your mouse you should think how you like to hold your's. Logitech mice tend to be fitted to the hand, so your entire hand rests on the mouse. Something like a Razer Diamondback can be used with the entire hand (although not as well as the logitechs) but also just with your fingers (and have your wrist resting on the mat). I prefer using my fingers to hold my mouse but it's just a matter of what you find most comfortable.

    That paste is really really good, it's very thick so a bit difficult to apply, after a few days of use you should see a CPU temperature 3 or 4 degrees less than if your were using AS5. Not that AS5 is bad, I use that myself, but this is the stuff people use if they really want to get the most out of thier cooling system.
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    • FInalD's system
      • Motherboard:
      • Asus M2N32-SLi Deluxe
      • CPU:
      • AMD AM2 4600+ 2.0GHz
      • Memory:
      • Corsair XMS2 2GB Matched Pair
      • Storage:
      • 3x Seagate Baracuda 7200.10 320GB
      • Graphics card(s):
      • PowerColor X1950 XT
      • PSU:
      • Hiper 580 Type-R
      • Case:
      • LianLi PC7 Plus II
      • Monitor(s):
      • ViewSonic VX922
      • Internet:
      • 2.2MB DSL

    Well I do like noise....*ponders* I wonder will my stack system be covered by my insurance...

    Seriously now, I'll have to checkout some decent 2.1 speakers (by decent I mean more than £10, but less than £30).

    As for the paste, well I'll have to take your word on it, and come back and complain if it's crap

    I would get a cheap mouse rainbow, but I'm after precision and buttons, the MX series aren't that much less than the G5 really in price and seem to have a large difference in abilities from it, the G5 has gone down a lot in price since I first saw and wanted it.

    I recon I'll probably stick with the G5 as it seems a decent mouse, and I'm not that interested in all these flashy light covered ones like the Razors, I want style and hidden power from my system.
    It seems that it might pull off the style element with most of these peripherals, but I'm unsure of the power element at the moment with the two choices in systems.

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