Hello will try to keep this short, the problem after bios update, running anything above cpu 2.45ghz 166 divider with 2x1024 gb ram will not boot.

Epox 9npa+ Opteron/2x1024 pc3200 pqi 2.6ghz 166 divider ram 216/2.5/4/4/7 stable run 247 100% load all the time (folding) Bios Dec

Flash today with latest bios(april), goes as per usual no problems, start to increase my speed, get to 2.45 beep codes c1 error(ram) will not boot at anything above this try different dividers 133/183 some success, but cant hit anything above 2.5ghz

Swap spare 3200 cpu over and still the same problems with the 166 divider

Pop the opteron back in

Flash back to dec bios(what I was using) same problem with 166 divider, try different ram 2x256 geil/2x512 corsair stable as before at 2.6 and 166 divider, try the 2 gb pqi wont boot with 166 divider

Flash back to latest bios, try 166 divider still wont boot, use the 150 divider and 2gb pqi, now 2.6ghz 30 min sp blend stable and about 40 mins into folding.

7 hrs later and I am wondering WTH happened to my 166 divider with 2gb ram?