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Thread: Powerful Multimedia Laptop Required

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    Question Powerful Multimedia Laptop Required

    Hey all am hoping that people might be able to give me some help on this one!

    Am looking for a powerful multimedia laptop for my final year at uni as I am going to need it to do my Final Year Project.

    Now having looked around Dell just doesn't cut it the graphics choices are laughable at best.

    Alienware is just stupidly expensive when you compare it to what you could buy specification wise if you were in the states.

    Acer has one or two decent models.

    Asus I heard bad things about the cases.

    Rock direct apparently has some new laptops coming out soon so will keep checking there

    So was wondering if you could come up with any ideas or know of anything coming out in the next month or two.

    Basically spec wise im looking for
    Core Duo 1.8-2ghz mark or if you can find any turion x2's then i would consider
    2gb ram
    100gb hd
    15.4" or 17" screen with some form of coating to make viewing better and decent res
    x1600 mobility radeon/the nvidia equivalent or better
    3 hours battery life

    many thanks in advance for any suggestions or places to go look
    -= Phoney =-

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    have you looked at the dell xps 17incher there are options with insane graphics power they tend to be expensive but you can normaly find them cheaper if you root around in dell outlet

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