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Thread: IcyBox Enclosure + Corruption Question?

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    IcyBox Enclosure + Corruption Question?

    Hey Guys,
    Following on from another thread, I am basically in need of an IcyBox to hold a SATAII hard drive. I'm not fussed about Firewire, though USB2.0 is a necessity, and in addition, eSATA support would be nice. ;-)

    However, my major concern is the talk of corruption that is sometimes encountered with these drives. I believe this is mainly the case with the Firewire connection, but if someone could clairify whether this is still a problem present with the USB2/eSATA versions, I'd much appreciate it.

    I can only purchase from Scan, and after doing some searching, have found this one:

    I presume this has eSATA from its title, but if someone could confirm whether these are in fact good, if they have the corruption problems and/or if it has eSATA, I'd much appreciate it.

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    Yup, that seems to have all you want - I've got one of the older style icybox's (sans annoying bloo light) and it has been perfect - gets a bit toasty in the summer tho

    AFAIK the corruption issue was only with firewire chipsets - ie the bridge chip doing funny things when connected via firewire...

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