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    Backup Software

    Hi All,

    I am looking to backup my data on my PC. I was thinking about doing a fresh install of XP MCE05 as well as all y programs and apps. Then when it's set up how I want it I would like to make an image to my second hard drive, under its own partition. I would also make an image to a DVD?

    I would then like to have an automated way of backing up files and folders on my C: drive to my second drive, again under its own partition.

    Is this a good way of doing things or does everyone think this is pants!!!

    All your opinions on both software and how to do it are appreciated.

    Also if anyone knows of any tips or tricks to set up Media Center in the best way, they would also be appreciated.

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    you could do that - build on your main drive then use something like Acronis True Image to create the image. You could then perform a regular differential backup to your second drive too.

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