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Thread: Apple keyboard on a Windows PC

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    Mike Fishcake

    Apple keyboard on a Windows PC


    I've got a lovely new apple keyboard on my Windows PC, but unfortunately, being an Apple keyboard, they have to be bloody different don't they ,and have keys in the wrong place. The \ key is where the # key should be, and the " key is where the @ key should be and so on.

    I've tried the following pieces of software to no avail: (only changes full keys, ie, I wouldn't be able to change Shift+2, I would have to change the entire 2 key) (see above) (only adds support for the extra Function Keys) (doesn't let me change the keys etc)

    Anyone ever done this successfully? If so, what programs have you used? I've seen another few programs that list how to re-map keys, but they all seem to suffer from the same thing.

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    It sounds as though you have the keyboard set to US instead of UK, or vice versa:

    Would changing the keyboard setting in the control panel (under "regional options" iirc) help?


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    american keyboards definitely swap the " and @ symbols, as well as the \ and # ones, Try pushing the tilde key and if it gives u ~ that symbol, its set to american

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    I use an Apple keyboard on my PC and very nice it is too. There are a few things that you should know though. Yes the layout is US so a couple of punctuation marks are in different positions but I have it set up as a UK keyboard so I still get the characters coming up as they would do on the UK keyboard! Second of all there are F13,F14 and F15 where the Print Screen, Scroll Lock and Pause keys usually are, though a program like sharp keys can remap those functions to those keys except pause which is actually a combo of ctrl+num lock. Thirdly there are no markings on the numeric pad for arrow keys and page up / down etc. though these are an outdated legacy anyway so this shouldnt be of concern.

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    Mike Fishcake
    Thanks for your suggestions, but no, it's not set to the wrong locale.

    Apple, being lovely, created a UK version of the apple keyboard (with the £ sign rather than the # over the 3 i assume), but, whereas UK and US keyboards have opposite " and @ key locations, the @ is above the 2 on both the UK and US keyboards.

    Therefore, when I press shift+2 on the apple keyboard (the one that has @ on it), it brings up " because that's where it is on the windows software UK keyboard layout

    There are similar situations with other keys.

    Swapping to a US keyboard layout won't help, as then I'll lose my £ sign.

    Swapkeys only works with full keys, ie, I can't swap the @ and " because the @ is above the 2 and i'd have to swap the entire 2 key.

    So anyway, I got given this apple keyboard. I might just buy a decent windows one
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    I use a sexy Apple keyboard in my Windows box but I've learned to live with it

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