Hey guys

I just got my sn26p a few weeks ago had it up and running, then one day when i go to turn on the comp, it just haulted. After that i re-installed all the components on the sn26p again and discovered that the DDR ram slot #2 was playing up on me. So I decided to remove it, then once again the computer ran fine. But the next day when i turn it on windows took about 10 mins to boot up or it would just crash. Hmm something wasn't right. So now i upgraded everything one the sn26p again new ram, new CPU, new HDD and NEW video card, and yet still the same problem. Finally i when to re-install all the parts on last time hoping my sn26p would work again, and what happen next, the sn26p complete kills my D drive.

Finally i gave up one the thing a bought a new case and motherboard.

So after read this long winded story i was wondering if anyone has face the same problems or could possible know what wrong with it.

Right now the sn26p is RIP i would like to reuse it so any help will be mostly appreciated.

Sorry have bad english....