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Thread: PSU query

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    PSU query

    Hi all

    Basically I have just noticed that my antec true blue 480watt psu is flashing a blue light, usually its just a blue light i think there are are 2 blue LED's inside one is fine and normal and just on, the other is flashing repeatedly, the system seems to be running fine. But is this a sign that it could conk out on me or is it just LED dieing?

    cheers for any input

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    Erm if its the LED on one of the fans then it could simply be that power to the fan is being pulsed on and off rapidly to slow the fans actual speed down and thus make less noise. Or it could be that the PSU temp is on a threshold and is fluctuating over a limit and thus the fan is spinning faster then slower as the PSU keeps going over then under that threshold...
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