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Thread: what's a good mainboard? for P4 775, want to sata

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    what's a good mainboard? for P4 775, want to sata

    Hi, I am looking to upgrade to sata hard drives, looks like my current mainboard cannot accept sata without using ide to sata adaptor (which i assume would slow down the transfer of info??) so which mainboard would be best for me to put my current hardware into but allow upgrades?
    I currently have pentium 4 3.2Ghtz socket 775
    ide hard drive (willing to go without it in new system if needed to use sata instead)
    readon 9550 256 graphics
    6.1ch sound card
    ide dvd dual layer rw
    floppy wasting space (not sure they put it in there a bit of waste i think!)

    I want a fast transcoder, office , 3d gaming all round machine. thanks.

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    can you provide a link to your exact board (having trouble finding the 1 in your sig)?
    I would have thought that you would have 2 SATA ports on an 865?

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    ECS make a board called 965PE-A7? it could be them?

    if thats what the board looks like the 2 sata ports are black and are just above the CMOS battery in the bottom left.

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