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Thread: Samsung DVD-RWs

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    Question Samsung DVD-RWs

    Does anyone have either the IDE or SATA versions of the Samsung 18x DVD writers?

    Im considering the Sata version to be used with a Asrock Dual Sata AGP motherboard, but I would like some user feedback before I buy it, as I have only seen one post on another forum and they couldnt install XP with it.


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    id stay away from sata optical drives for the time being - they dont offer any different functionality and are often a lot more expensive. i think with the prices of dvdrws in this day and age, when you do finally move to a mobo that has no ide's, you can get a blueray burner then.

    i have the 18x black samsung, and its quite a nice drive, but it wont burn my yudent02's at 16x.

    i would check out cdfreaks, and see the samsung burner forum.

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