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Thread: Overclocking 2 gig p4

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    Overclocking 2 gig p4

    Right people i have a P4 2 GIG and want to over clock it. I am thinking of gettin some Kingston DDR 400 what can i clock this processor too? PS i am going to do this in a shuttle so what speeds would i reach and would it be possible.

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    You might want to have a search on this subject first. There's a lot here already posted about overclocking. Since you are trying to o/c a shuttle you could have a look at a thread that I started here
    Have a go at upping the FSB in your BIOS and post any specific questions. Your overclocking limits may have more to do with luck more than anything else so its mostly trial and error. There's no way of saying exactly what your P4 is capable of reaching - go find out

    post your progress.
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