Im having some odd issues with voltage and i was wondering if antone else is having similar, or they know a way round it.

I started off by using bios 0507 and it would prime for 12 hours at 3ghz at 1.375v, any higher than that in fsb and it needed a big jump of volts to get it stable, for example 3150mhz required 1.6v, so obviously thats no good, so i changed back to the 0502 bios and now i can prime for 12 hours at 3150 at stock volts, but as soon as a change the voltage at all, it refuses to boot into windows. this includes the vcore, NB voltage, pcie frequency, SB voltage..pretty much everything seems to insist on being on Auto or it wont boot into windows. vdimm needs to be set to 2.1v and i have set the timings manually in the bios to 5-5-5-12, the rest of the ram settings are left at what spd detected.

so any ideas on the voltage weirdness, or am i right i n thinking its going to be a long wait for a bios fix?