Hi all, I'm building a new pc soon and want some decent sound from it for games, films and music. The problem is I don't have a huge amount to spend on it as I've got quite a lot on the rest of the system (full system for £1500).

I've looked around and at the moment have these on my shopping list;

Soundcard - Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum 7.1 24Bit (Internal) with 5.25" I/O System
Headset - Sharkoon Majestic 5.1 Headphones & detachable microphone
Speakers - Altec Lansing VS2221 2.1 Speaker System - Retail

Does anybody have the ZS? Is it a good sound card (I want one with a front bay and the X-Fi seem to be fairly expensive for what you get).
I would like to get the Speedlink medusas fot the headset but the fully package with desk amp and mains power etc. is really hard to find now.
As for the speakers I only want 2.1 as I'll be in uni and it's easier to just have the two on the desk and no surround.

So yeah, your views on my sound parts please.