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Thread: External Enclosures

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    External Enclosures

    Hey all,

    Just a quick check on any product you might have come across that meets what I am looking for. I would like an external enclosure that has an External RJ45 at least, can have more options but that one is primary, and an internal SATA, seems all I can find are ones that meet everything I am looking for just can't find one that takes a SATA drive . If you can help it would be appreciated, thanks.

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    If it is an RJ45 connector you are after, you need to search for NAS boxes. There are *loads* of them. I have a Qnap TS-101 as it can run SlimServer (to control my SqueezeBoxes - when purchased from some retailers. There is also an updated firmware that adds a uPnP server so you can use it with a lot of ethernet connected media players.

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