just setup my rig and its ASUS K8V Deluxe and 3400 A64 chip... now when i first booted few hours before hand when checking in bios jumpers and drives detected was like 37C and now its like 52-61C and now its just not posting past detection it stacks.
its TOO hot and using the supplied cooler:S WTF is going on:S
have i put on the heat sink the wrong way or what? it doesnt have a indication and no indents so can clip on either way? and i mount the brackets either side and then clip the arm down clockwise? it feels quite tight when locking it down...?
also think my AS is the problem i've tried a tiny dab and heatsink making a circle when clamped? ive tried credit card smoothing.everything. NOTHING WORKS it STILL HITS 60!!!!!!!!!!!! wtf is going on? i've spend like 5hours making it tidy and nice inside and i've even enabled cool and quiet so what is doing this? should i just go buy a Artic Cooling 64 right now? thing is i cant even use the pc at those temps and its stacking atm?hoping this is just cause its too hot for the moment....
HELP ME. need a guide of fitting a 754 heatsink and a guide for artic silver and dont give me the link to their site cause thats what i did and its still TOO HOT:@