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Thread: ddr pc3200

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    ddr pc3200

    i need to increase my ram from 2x256 of crucial ballistix pc3200 running at 2-2-2-6 on a gigabyte ga-ipe1000-g

    my problem is i cant get the same ram from crucial or anywhere else...i cant even get the 2x512 modules as they are out of stock and little or no prospect of getting any more in the near im considering other makes.

    im looking at 2x512 corsair twinx1024 3200c2 pro which are specced at 2-3-3-6.

    my question is will they play nice with my other ram? and will the difference in speed be noticable in gaming?

    i dont fact i am underclocking my ram as i have a 533mhz cpu which will not run at 200 bus speed but is running at 150mhz with the memory bus at 187.9mhz on a 5/4 divider.
    any help appreciated or other suggestions.

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    sell the crucial and buy a kit from somewhere else

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