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Thread: X2 amd's with ddr2? does it work?

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      • Its a laptop so no idea lol
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      • 1TB Samsung Spinpoint SATA2
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      • nVidia 9400M 256MB GDDR3
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      • laptop :P
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      • New Macbook Unibody
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      • OS X Yosemite
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      • 16mb sky uncapped package... currently around 6-8mb down my road but still 652k is fasssst:D

    Question X2 amd's with ddr2? does it work?

    as name states?i think i might be going for the x2 route but i'm still considering my options... so i'm thinking why spend loads on new ddr if i could run ddr2 inside it and atleast it would be a wasted cash investment as i could use it in another system in the future if i choose instead of having obsolete ddr...
    so what ddr2 can i use in my Asus A8N Sli Premium when i purchase it next friday? what will be nice to overclock and run games and lots of dual core whore tasks? how much and from where in the uk please?
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    DDR2 memory with AMD CPUs only works with the AM2 socket. Socket 939 is DDR

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      • OCZ ZX 1000 gold
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      • NZXT Switch 810 custom water cooled
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      • Win 10 64bit
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      • DGM IPS-2701 + Dell U2311H
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      • Zen Fibre @72 meg
    From most benchmarks DDR2 has no real advantages in real life over DDR1 unless you can aford the exotic stuff and then is it really worth it??

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