Reason being that ever since I was at uni in '95 and built my very 1st pc, I've always gone down the AMD route. I never even considered intel as AMD chips were cheaper and better for gaming.

After 11 years of building pcs, I am now considering an intel chip(a conroe) as my next processor.

Am currently looking at a E6300/E6400 with a PB5 mobo. Reading a recent review in custom PC, the conroe is better than the equivalent AMD chip.

Am I going mad considering this?

Is there a new AMD chip due for imminent release which will blow the intel chip out of the water?

And considering I do go for the above chip and mobo, is it a good choice?

Am not going to upgrade straight away but sometime between now and christmas(as it will also involve getting a new graphics card and prob new ram(depending on how well 3200 ram can run on the above mobo).