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Thread: help, ugrading

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    help, ugrading

    Hi all, names andy this is my first post so be gently.

    Have £400 to spend on upgrading my pc, im fps mad, love bf2, red orchestra, call of duty etc.

    what im after is a gaming machine.

    My pc specs as follows:

    packard bell imedia 1459
    Pentium 2.66 805d (ive been told you can clock the crap out of this?)
    1gig ram
    80gig hd
    crap onboard xpress 200 graphics.(poo)
    350wat psu
    17inch crt monitor

    I was thinking of getting a new case/new psu with a veiwsonic vx922 and 1900xt 256mb, is this a this the best way to spend my hard earned or do you have any other ideas?

    please help

    Regards Andy T

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    I personally always go for peripherals before the hardware as when you finally come to upgrading GPU / CPU / MOBO you can enjoy the results more with a bigger screen / quieter case / steering wheel / speakers far more. But that's me.

    That Viewsonic is a great screen but I'd go for a widescreen 19" for gaming such as the Hanns-G which is a bargain. Then I would go for the Lian-Li PC7+II for a case, and a cheap X1900XT. This will be less than £400 and will allow that next hardware upgrade that much more quickly.


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    chances are that an x1900xt will just laugh at that psu, its worth looking for something a bit meatier, especially if you are overclocking.

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