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Thread: Smoke, lots of smoke

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    Smoke, lots of smoke

    So I plugged my PC in for the first time in about a month (ive been looking for somewhere to live). Basically, it instantly started bellowing out smoke (plastic smelling). I yanked the power out and opened it up to see what the hell was going on.

    I unplugged all the devices and started it up again. Instantly a couple of channels down the right hand side of the board started glowing red hot and then more smoke (from the mobo plastic melting).

    It was lucky I didnt leave the room for my PC to boot. Basically the question is, what the hell would cause this? :/ could have been seriously dangerous, and certainly not a good way to move into a new place.


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    Anything been spilt on the pc while you have been moving house? or something metal could have come loose inside and shorted on something else.

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