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Thread: Open watercooling system?

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    Question Open watercooling system?

    Would it be possible to divert a general water supply throught a cpu/gpu water block just on the way to wherever its needed? (outside the computer) I can't think of an example right now but basically I'm asking if there would be problems with a WC system that is constantly fed with fresh tap water, like erosion of the block due to the water not being treated, or condensation when the winter nearly freezes my water. (I have my own private water supply so leaving the taps on all day isn't a financial issue )
    If this is possible I could get some amazing temps and my system wouldn't break silent when the drives aren't spinning. Think Zalman Reserator minus 20 degrees and refills every once in a long while

    Thanks to all those who reply with what I want to hear
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    Strikes me as a bit risky and wasteful.
    Can you keep the water pressure constant ?
    Will you remember to turn the tap on before you start your PC?
    Corrosion could be an issue, it would depend on the composition of your tap water.

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    Go to bit-tech forums and do a search. IIRC this thing comes up no less than 20 time in the past year or so and it's like 10-page long over there. pretty detail as well
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    The water would just be absorbed back into the ground afterwards and a few months later it would be back in the underground lake im drawing it from. Pressure shouldn't be an issue as we use little water and the tank is some special one that does special pressure compensation things that I'm sure can't be explained in english as most technology these days does, or so I'm told. So thats the first two sorted, and with all the bit and pieces lying around I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to add a tap that is controlled by a current from a spare molex. So I'm just left with corrosion, until I look through bit-tech which will probably present more issues.
    Thanks anyway
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