Hello All,

I have just decided to try out a version of Vista on my laptop first to see how it is before maybe installing it on my main rig, but after the initial install, i noticed that in device manager there are several things highlighted. I know that these are the usual things that need drivers added for, such as ethernet controller etc, but I've now realised that I was planning to use windows update to get the relevant Vista drivers, but doh....

Without the ethernet drivers I cant connect to my router to download any... Tried to use my wireless PCMCIA card but that too didnt work (the driver for the card worked, but i guess i need drivers for the port to actually work, as there doesnt seem to be any power getting to the card).

So what i would like to ask is does anyone know where i can get a Broadcom 570x Gigabit controller driver for Vista??? I guess if i can get the driver for that then i can connect to the internet to get the rest...

Hmmm...not the experience I was hoping for. THough I have to admit, it does run very nice and smooth. If I can sort out the drivers then I might keep it on.

Thanks for any help


PS. Laptop as per title, a Dell Latitude D600