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Thread: DVD detecting on start up trouble

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    Question DVD detecting on start up trouble

    Okeydokey, so I bought a few new bits of kit including a Gigabyte S-Series motherboard. Both my hard drive and DVD drive are IDE devices and this motherboard only has one IDE connector. I had them plugged to the same ribbon, HD master, DVD slave. Fine. Tried to start up and the DVD wasn't detected. I tried going into the BIOS -> Standard features section and manually auto-detecting it. It was detected. Rebooted and when the machine started it listed: IDE 0 Slave: None. and wouldn't find my XP bootable disk. I've tried a number of combinations (DVD as master, HD slave, etc. Even disconnected HD and only had DVD drive as master) and for all of them it won't list my DVD as a drive on start up despite finding it when I manually try in the BIOS, thus meaning I cannot install an OS. Oh dears. Any ideas peoples?

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    Cant see any reason as to why the DVD Drive is not being detected unless something is faulty.

    Well if you can try another DVD drive and/or IDE cable see if that works then you know if the problems lies with the DVD Drive or cable. If neither solve the issue then the problem could lie with the mobo itself or even the psu.

    Other than those options i cant think of anything else you could try. If there is a hardware fault you'll have to find where the problem lies. Its always good to have spare PC parts lying around for such purposes.

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