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Thread: Another Inq. funny

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    Another Inq. funny

    I dont know how he manages to get these published

    We found out one super-cool option and we believe not too many people have mentioned it so far. Windows 2000 introduced hibernate, a very cool mode to save your work and shut the machine down.

    Vista comes with a new option, called Sleep. When you press it, just like stand by it will give your machine a break. But the main difference is that it will completely shut your machine down and will turn off the PSU and the CPU/Chipset coolers and the hard drive. The machine will act like it is completely turned off.
    That would be S3 then, or Suspend to RAM - as supported by XP since its release ?
    No one has mentioned it, because its years old Mr Abazovic.

    Anyhow, this is the way the improved standby feature is presented by Vista. I still don’t know how exactly does it works but I suspect that it can power the memory modules with some minimal power and keep the information's on your RAM. We will investigate further. µ
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    C'mon, the Inq is supposed to be a funny read
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