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Thread: Power Supplies and Pins

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    Power Supplies and Pins

    Hi All,

    I last built a computer from scratch almost two years ago, this being a AMD SocA based Sempron 2500. Prior to that, I also built a couple of other systems, also based on SocA Athlon XP's.

    On all these systems, I didn't worry too much about PSU's - I bought relatively cheap cases with included PSU. I know its highly recommended to buy a good PSU from a good manufacturer, but these three computers have run perfectly for years, but PSU quality isn't really my point.

    The MoBo's I got had 20pin ATX power supply sockets (I guess therefore ATX1.x standard), and I just whacked the PSU's lead in - no probs.

    However, I now notice that there is a mix of MoBo's on the market, some requiring 20pin connectors, other 24 pin (ATx2.x standard)- also some requiring 4-pin additional plugs, whereas others (natabley those supporting dual core) need 8-pin.

    Do these cheapo PSU's still have 20-pin, or are they now all defaulting to 24pin? Can you still plug a 20-pin PSU into a 24 pin MoBo (or vice versa)? I've looked on some web sites that suggest that due to the pin-out you can.

    Is it me or is it getting more confusing and moving away from a "Standard"?

    Why don't etailers describe the connectors on their cheapo PSU's a bit more thoroughly?

    Cheers all!

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    it will depend on the motherboard wether you can plug in a 20 into a 24, should be ok though. A lot of PSU's have a 20+4 so you can use it in either, and some motherboards come with a little plastic blanking plate over 4 of the holes on the 8 pin socket.
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    If the 20+4 thing isn't there, adaptors are available to make a 20pin 24 and vice versa for a couple of quid. I imagine nearly all PSUs nowadays have a 4pin connector, but the 8pin is still relatively new so isn't widespread

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