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Thread: How would a P3-M 1.33ghz compare to a Via c7 1ghz Processor?

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    How would a P3-M 1.33ghz compare to a Via c7 1ghz Processor?

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    I've been searching for a way of comparing the expected performance of two options but I'm really struggling, can anyone help?

    I'm considering two options, one is a fanless PC based on a Via CN10000 which has a C7 1ghz processor. The other is a laptop solution using a Toshiba Portege 3500 tablet laptop which has a PIII Mobile 1.33ghz.

    Both would have 512MB of RAM and the same laptop hard drive but the CN10000 is a much newer board with presumably faster bus and memory speeds etc.

    Any idea how these would compare? I don't need blistering performance but it will need to run XP Pro and provide a web server for single user access. I found that my old VIA EPIA mainboard with a 533mhz CPU was not up to the job.

    My other reference point is my current laptop which is a Tosh Satellite Pro with a Celeron mobile 2.2ghz i think.
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