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Thread: Shuttle SN41G2 upgrade?

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    Question Shuttle SN41G2 upgrade?

    I would like to upgrade the above system but don't know if current mother boards will fit the box. The existing board is SFF/ATX. I have the first version of this b/b system with an AMD Athlon XP 2500+ chip. (I think this is a socket A setup). If I upgrade will the cooling system be up to spec and will the colloing pipe block fit over the chip or will it have moved on the m/board. Thanks, Phil

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    if you're gona upgrade the mobo and cpu you might as well upgrade the chasis as well; there's plenty of fairly cheap S939 barebones out there you could get and would allow you future upgrades your socket A system doesnt allow.
    As for the cooling system; loadsa shuttle models use the ICE system, and the one you have should be good for pretty much any socket A cpu

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    you WILL need a new barebones there im afraid pjn. the mobo's cant be upgraded.
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