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Thread: What AM2 Mobo around £100 or less?

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    Question What AM2 Mobo around £100 or less?

    Hi All,
    Just joined the forum and already have answers to most of my questions. I'm in the process of upgrading my PC and have ordered an AM2 5200+ along with 2Gb of Corsair PC8500 Dominator RAM. I'm going for the Akasa Eclipse with a Corsair PSU and a Radeon X1950Pro graphics card.

    All that remains is what mobo? In the past I've been happy with Gigabyte & Asus but willing to be convinced otherwise, there are a couple that I have my eye on. I don't really need SLI but thinking of the future and some of the features I want don't come on boards without it, I don't want built in wifi but I need at least 4 SATA ports, may add some more HDDs later.

    My main use is general business, accounts, project planning etc. but in the main digital photography. I'm not looking to overclock or heavy gaming - a bit of Flightsim and son is complaining about the current lack of graphics support for some of his games so performance is important.

    Any advice much appreciated


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    this should have you cooking with gas. at just under £100 ex vat
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    If mAYX isn't a problem imo 1 of the best AM2 boards is also 1 at the cheaper end - abit nF-M2 nView
    Overclocks very well too.

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    Hi All,
    Realised that I'd overspec'ed the memory and that most if not all AM2 mobos normally run on PC6400 so amended my order to get a couple of gig, also decided to go with the Asus M2N32. I liked the look of the Foxconn but the Hexus review about the layout being a bit tight around the DIMM slots and as I plan to use a big heatsink I didn't want to take the risk of there being a problem and the lack of fan headers put me off a bit.

    Many thanks for you help and I hope to be building the new beastie next weekend.

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