Greetings. Been lurking, but first post.

I have an SB95pv2, and its been working fine, however after installing some new hardware I have had some issues.
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Im running WinXP Pro w/sp2 and all patches.
I have 2x250GB hd's set up as RAID, and they work very well. I installed a SATA connector connected to the vacant SATA plug on my motherboard, and connected an external SATA drive in this.

I set it up properly in the BIOS on what drive to boot from, and it boots up fine when I turn it on. However, when I do a soft reset (restart from within Windows) it halts on the boot logo when restarting. Nothing happens untill I press the restart button manually and it will then proceed to start into Windows. I have updated the BIOS to the latest version, and I find it hard to understand what the issue could be.

Any thoughts ? More info needed ? Let me know