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Thread: Hard Drives

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    Hard Drives

    Looking at pulling some of my 300Gb and 250Gb drives out of my machine as I want to lower the heat/noise and tidy up the inside of my machine a bit and get things on one drive instead of spread over a few.

    I'm looking for reliablity over everything else as I'm flogging a LTO2 drive (eBay Item number: 180070943361 if your interseted) so wont be backing it up. Last load of drives have been WD as I've had a spate of bad luck with the Maxtors I used, looking at probably 2x500Gb's which should come down in price nicely in the next few months with the larger drives coming out.
    Main ones are the WD5000KS vs WD5000YS, anyone got a decent review and bioth drives are more or less the same price so is the "RAID edition" and its MTBF time really that much better?

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    Not sure of the difference, but if you do find yourself wavering, just stick to WD (pure reliability) or the Samsung Spinpoints (for lack of noise).

    A year ago, I'd have included Seagate, but I've had 100% failure on the 2 7200.10s I've had - the 7200.9s were good (and extremely quiet) though.

    WD I'm still to have a failure yet (and I've had enough), so I'm sticking with them for the foreseeable.

    On my own avoid list: Maxtor, Seagate 7200.10s, Hitachi/IBM.

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