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Thread: managed to kill my mobo

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    Angry managed to kill my mobo

    i want to know which mobo i should get as repalcement, either nf7-s rev2 or something similar

    maybe some one knows how i could fix this?

    turned on my pc today while watchin tele and the screen went black at the bit where it loads win2k. was a bit suprised even though i had probelms last night it was randomly crashing (the same way as below) while playing cs.
    ive done some volt mods (nb and cpu and gfx are w/c btw) - vcore vgpu (9700) and vdd (nf7-s). putting vcore too high (1.95v) made the overvoltge protection or something on mobo to go on = like reset but screen doesnt come back on or bleep. holding power button for 4 secs for off + back on fixes.
    this was what was happeneing today, for no reson. i started to change a few bios settings putting my 1700+ back to stock and turning down my volt mods then removed them compleatly. it was still randomly crashing under load
    ***i had also just ordered a new 550w CWT psu as my 350w is crap and wasnt supplying enuf power for the volt mods to be stable***

    then i changed bios once more - chipset voltage back upto 1.7 and fsb and cpu to 11*200 (2200)
    this time it restarted to save bios as normal, but didnt come back on afterwards
    would this be currupt bios? ne fix without havin a spare bios chip?
    ive tryed clearing bios, holding ins on boot etc.. it doesnt beep atall and screen wont come on. lan leds (when net cable is plugged in) and optical out are both lit (dont use optical out though). the psu still works, and ive tryed another.
    im using my 1700+ in my dads k7s5a atm at stock speeds (= teh slow) - he agreed to let me test it as he can keep it till i get new mobo as its faster than his 900 duron
    so i know cpu aint dead...

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    Sounds very likly to be BIOS corruption - same thing i had to sort for Zak a few days ago.
    If you want your chip reflashing, PM me and ill do it for you.
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