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Thread: Acrobat's ongoing temperature worries over? :P

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    Hope people arent fed up of me going on about this But I think I had a bit of a breakthrough!

    Someone (I think on this forum), told me that my Gigabyte DS4 motherboard, picks a voltage for the CPU which is higher than it needs to be (higher than it should be?).

    So anyway, I lowered the voltage. It was about 1.235Volts before and the temperature of my E6600 under load (in intel-tat) was verging on 65 degrees. But I lowered it VERY slightly (just one option lower in the bios) to 1.228 and its knocked off about 7 degrees on my CPU when under load!

    Idle temp is about the same (maybe a degree lower), but 7 degrees under load is pretty good! Its taken it from about 64 or 65 down to about 58.

    So I think my worries may be over. Now all I need to do, is find out what the voltage is MEANT to be as standard. If its actually lower than what I have it at currently... then I can afford to lower it even more and get an even better temperature Maybe then, I can finally think about OverClocking it.

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    SPCR often talks about deliberate undervolting as a means of being able to run the CPU cooler then it was even supposed to be (any CPU), so i think that although i'm sure there is a 'proper' voltage for C2D chips, you just lower the voltage as low as you can whilst still booting / stable running, and then increase if and only if you need more for overclocking.
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    Dont forget to test overnight with Orthos after each time you lower the voltage, just to make sure its stable

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