I would like to build a new SFF system. The one I built 3 years ago is close to its end of life.
I would like prefer to go for an AMD 64 x2 ( I have in mind to build one using an AMD and another one for myself using Intel Duo Core 2), Hyper Threading, I don't mind buying Shuttle again
(although I never got my dvd burner working :-))
I was going for an SN27P2 but read many dreadful articles about it and one making sounds like it's
an outdated model.
I would want a fast system (one reason to go high in cpu clock), fast HD access
(250Gb max), good sound quality, this machine will not be used for games so I am less worried about
graphical performance.
Here is my initial configuration (nothing special)
Shuttle SN27P2
AMD 64 x2 Athlon 3700 2.2Ghz (I would like to go higher, not sure about compatibility w/ Shuttle)
Ram Crucial 2x1GbPC5300 667Mhz
nVidia NX7600GT Dvi, Hdmi
Sony Dual18x DVD+/-RW Dual Layer
250GB Serial ATA 7200 RPM - Seagate Barracuda 7200.10
Windows Vista Home Premium

I will be reluctant to pay more than $1500.
Any help will be great.