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Thread: GIGABYTE DS3 - Help- Cant find DVD-ROM

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    GIGABYTE DS3 - Help- Cant find DVD-ROM

    Hi fellas..i dont often ask for help but im stumped so here it is.

    A Friend has a DS3 board and has just installed XP Pro on it.
    The bios is set to DVD-ROM for the install and all went well.
    After the install the bios was is this sequence:
    1. HD
    2. CD-Rom

    The HD is Sata connected and the DVD-ROM is IDE connected. For some reason though, after installation, the DVD-ROM cannot be found. It worked fine, hence the install but i cant figure out why its not being picked up (including the bios).

    Could it be a jumper?
    Could it be a bios setting?

    If anyone has this board or can think why the problem is occuring then answer is appreciated.

    (BTW...The connections are good. Nothing is loose/unplugged)

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    its not picked up by the BIOS?
    try start>run>diskmgmt.msc
    is it there?

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    Sounds eerily like my ds3 before it died. Could the cable have vibrated itself out?
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