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Thread: Hard Drive Failure

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    Hard Drive Failure

    My hard drive died on me yesterday. What happended is the computer turned off and when I tried to restart it I got up to the dos type staat up messages with a message saying the disk cannot be read. I removed the drive and tried it in another computer, same result.

    I contacted Samsung about RMA'ing the drive. I am a little concerned about this as I had some dodgy software on the drive. I suppose I am looking for opnions about what I should do.

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    If it's just plain old pr0n then I'm sure Samsung will be adult enough about it and used to it, hard drive RMA centres must have a huge collection built up by now, if it's anything dodgier then that - well start praying

    Is the drive detected in the BIOS? If there's no data you want off it have you tried simply formatting it again? On a long shot if you have another drive exactly the same you could try transplanting the board on the back of the drive to see if it then starts working.

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