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    Wink Transport Fever 2

    So is anyone else looking forward to playing Transport Fever 2? I was hyped with the last dev video... as the game claim to have some of the features that will improve the gameplay significantly.

    I discovered the first game in Jan 2018, when I was not working... looking for another job... and had an itch to play a game like Transport Tycoon. Saw a few similar games but this stuck with me. Since then I got 282 hours played, and totally got engrossed in the game. First thing I do is rename the towns, and their neighbouring factories etc, to my local town and nearby towns. Then start at 1850 then go all the way past 2019+ and watching my towns grow to mega cities....So looking forward to the sequel, which releasing soon.
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    Re: Transport Fever 2

    That does look very good. I've only put 13 hours into the original, I found it a steep learning curve with bizarre controls at the time, but then I got the hang of it and really enjoyed it.

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