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Thread: Hexen HD gzdoom CD-Audio Red Book Not Working

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    Hexen HD gzdoom CD-Audio Red Book Not Working

    I just tried the new Hexen HD with gzdoom and it is graphically amazing! It's as close as it gets to a modern remake!

    My only gripe is that it doesn't recognize my original Hexen CD Audio either in physical form or as an ISO with Daemon Tools virtual drive, as it seems to bypass it and only features various enhanced Midi Devices to choose from in the sound options albeit with improved music over the original 1995 midi sound track.
    So is there a way to play Hexen HD with the original CD-AUDIO music from the original CD or via an ISO mounted onto a virtual CD Drive in Daemon tools?!
    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Hexen HD gzdoom CD-Audio Red Book Not Working

    As a rough guess I would say that in one of the ini or config files you will have to point to the original sound files instead of the new stuff

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    Re: Hexen HD gzdoom CD-Audio Red Book Not Working

    Don't have an answer for your question, but thanks for the heads up. I didn't know this existed. Hexen was one of those games I've seen around but never got round to playing myself. Might be worth checking out now that someone made an HD version.

    Edit: it seems the creator responded to your question on moddb comments section:
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