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Thread: Alt night 18+

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    Alt night 18+

    Someone mentioned a alt night, so do we think this a good idea? The idea being that we all try and level these alternate characters around the same time. If we had an alt night and if your online then you can meet and quest as a guild group. Maybe starting in Og to help upgrade, make items or enchant for fellow members.

    I think it would be a good idea and will be mucho fun for people who want to enjoy the game by helping others and really getting the most out of instances within the guild, especially if we keep it going up through the high levels forming a tight elite group familiar with each others abilities and methods.

    What say you peeps?
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    I think this is agood idea. We could set LVL requirerments for each Instance and then arrange to meet there one evening to do it when we are all ready.
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