(Apologies if this is the wrong forum, I was uncertain whether this qualified as an AV or "creative" question.)

My wife has a Minolta DiMage F300 (and an F100 too, she's a bit of a gadget upgrade freak like me ) and bought it for its unique (at the time) wireless remote control.

But... the thing eats batteries, and after just a few shots you have to wait seconds while it saves them and you can take another shot.

Another annoyance is the non-standard USB connector - though this has become less of an isse as I have a card reader in my server and can pull the images out that way.

So... are there any decent compact (not DSLR) digital cameras that have remotes these days?

From what I can research, a few years ago there were a few (Fujifilm, Olympus as 2 examples) but their newest models seem to have dropped this feature and moved it to the DSLR feature list.