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Thread: Best supplier ?

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    Re: Best supplier ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Matthammer View Post
    Joined these forums a few years back but only ever browsed thus my low posting. I've used scan in the past on other accounts due to work etc. Always been happy with the goods, service etc.
    I tend to check their offer pages and so on maybe once a month (bad habit of browsing randomly heh) or if im after a specific piece to at least gage value if not purchase.
    Amazon have been pretty good to me of late, shipping a big bonus there and often their prices are very competitive. Had a dud PSU off them years back but that was a re-seller rather than direct.
    Sometimes glance over ebuyer but rarely find good value on there and i know folks who do/have worked for them.

    As has been said this forum will undoubtedly have a lean towards Scan for obvious reasons, but its worth checking around as many sites as you need anyway so you can gage best price for all your gear

    Good luck
    I know this is a bit naughty but whats to stop you buying from Amazon and returning anything you mistakenly " damage " through a bad install or whatever , do they actually test their returns ?

    because somehow I doubt it


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    Re: Best supplier ?

    scan are the best in my opinion

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    Re: Best supplier ?

    I think get the best of all of them when it comes to prices.
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