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Thread: Mesh Again!!

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    If I did , then I could do with getting paid for it ( I dont get paid by HEXUS either ) - I am an IT professional however and enjoy helping people, which is why I post on the MESH subforum if theres something I can aid people with.

    some people need more help that others it would seem.
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    yes it certainly seems ur bendin over backwards to help.
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    hello Mr Dick, now there is no need to degrade yourself by making sly remarks such as in your last post "some people need more help that others it would seem." clearly if you can’t spell "than" then you are the one who is in NEED of some help. I also am a victim of mesh computers, the only advice I could give to people who are considering purchasing a mesh system, please post your cheques to India, maybe you will get an English speaking employee who actually knows something about computers and isn’t addicted to telling embarrassingly bad lies. A think it’s a good setup you have here on hexus, it gives people a chance to get their views across and unlike mesh you don’t have to learn pigeon English! Spread love not war people!!!!
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