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Thread: Dell Using BTX?

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    BTX beats ATX. Face it.

    I don't see any problem with companies adopting the BTX standard, so whats all this about Intel looking stupid over it? No one expected the technology to be on the shelves the very next day when it was created, and Intel are doing a good job of bringing it in incrementally. Hell, they're not stupid, they know ATX is the most popular standard, so its going to be a slow change.
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    Well I am sitting here working on my new BTX Shuttle SB68i, its no quieter than the Antec Case P160 the kit came out of, but I don't expect it to be that quiet, the main problem I have encountered with this so far is the hot air from the CPU is being blown in front of the 6800GT and its running about 12 degrees hotter than it did in my Antec P160, which is a bit concerning, but at the same time its a shuttle, its small and its easier to lug about than my Antec was

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    It looks quite similar to the G5 powermac design, mesh venting at front and back, a "throughflow" of air, the "reverse" side opening to ATX powermac G5
    I think it will eventually take on, but it all depends on what AMD have planned. I believe the ATX factor has many flaws, and is outdated, its time for a new change, stroll on BTX!

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    At the moment AMD cant use the BTX format because of the memory controller as was said above (funny Intel designed it) I am not too concerned beacuse i need a system now and i will be getting a new case if i want a new pc in the future, heat is not a problem for me at the moment. But yes, BTX is better.

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