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Thread: Scan Refurbished PSUs...any thoughts?

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    Re: Scan Refurbished PSUs...any thoughts?

    You might be out of luck then - there's a rumour that Enermax have ceased PSU manufacturing.

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    Re: Scan Refurbished PSUs...any thoughts?

    If you mean me, nah. I like Enermax, but I'm not married to them. If they stop manufacturing, my next search simply starts elsewhere, like Seasonic. In truth, each time I need a PSU, I check out current opinion, because even trusted brands can hit rough patches. They're not the only fish in the sea, though they are one of my favourite fish.

    Edit .... though I might think about acquiring a spare or two for my spares cupboard, just in case the EU gets bored with vacuum cleaners and targets PSUs.

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    Re: Scan Refurbished PSUs...any thoughts?

    Ive always used Corsair / Seasonic PSUs [All new though - no refurbs as above Id rather buy a new one] = only ever bought 1 Enermax (new) and they all still work. Ive had many an arguement with clients/bosses over skimping on the PSU, and had many a laugh when £10-£20 budget PSUs blew up and took systems with them.

    Have had some good experienced with scan selling EVGA refurbed EVGA gear.

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