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Thread: corsair RM750i v HX750i

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    corsair RM750i v HX750i

    I am looking at a new 750w PSU. I want to go with a corsair 750w PSU. I don't know if the HX is better then the RM.

    The RM750i on sale is £98.98
    the HX750i on sale is £119.99

    I don't care for the i but they are cheaper than the non i versions.

    I can see that the HX has four 6+2 pci-e, so one more so maybe I could do duel GPU with two 8-pin each later on?

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    Re: corsair RM750i v HX750i

    a bit late, but as I'm looking at this stuff atm for a new build

    RM is slightly more budget than HX series but still very good

    HX has fluid dynamic bearing fan vs dual ball bearing in the RM so should last longer
    HX has a few other benefits, particularly no capacitors in the cables.

    the i versions just mean they have software link capability so offer realtime monitoring and the like but on the downside means they need an internal USB connection to allow this, and potentially adds bloatware to the OS

    If you can afford it I'd go HX unless the difference in price is seriously big enough to make it more sensible to get the RM

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