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Thread: Tritton AX360 headset review.

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    Tritton AX360 headset review.

    I was looking for a headset so i could play on the 360 or PC into the small hours without waking up the neighbors with a COD4 air strike.

    I had tried to use headphones by themselves but missed the team speak and a basic pc headset would not work with the 360 controller, even with a 3.5mm to 2.5mm mic adapter.

    Upon a quick Googling i came up with the Tritton AX360. Coming in at around £80 they are not the most expensive of headsets but it does constitute a fair investment.
    Tritton's product range does not seem to be widely available in the UK at present though there are a few e-seller.

    The set up of the headset is simple, optical cable from the Xbox 360 to the amplifier box, cable included, add power, plug in the headset and you are away. The headsets cable length is about 3m so you can easily sit back on the sofa and play.

    As you'd expect from a Dolby Digital and Pro Logic certified headset, the AX360 offers good sound quality.
    A feature that i enjoy is the base. Since it would be hard to reproduce this faithfully without strapping a small sub unit to the side of your head Tritton have gone with a rumble feature. This definitely adds to the audio experience, without impeding it by hearing the mechanical rumbling device working.

    The volume can get rather loud but with the inline remote you can dial it how you like it with ease.

    Since my sound card has an optical out too i have been using them for my gaming here also. Trust me when i say, you feel like you are in the thick of it. My personal favorite is the start of 'Assault' in Crysis with the mortars landing all around you.

    They are advertised as a surround sound set, 5.1. This is a difficult thing to achieve given the constraints of fitting it into a small form factor. I believe they have done very well. You can clearly hear the enemies walking around.

    Online in COD4 you are able to figure out where an opponent is through a wall from their movements and deal with them accordingly. This is for sure a product that can improve your game.

    The only downside to the product is they are weighty, though not excessively so. They can fall / slip off if you move you head a lot but we are playing games here not running around the house.

    Overall i would give them a 8/10 for their performance.

    Tritton are releasing a new model, the AXPRO, though no date is set. When these become available i will be purchasing a set and reviewing them too.

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    Re: Tritton AX360 headset review.

    Bought a set of these a few months back to use with my 360. They were great for sound but the quality of the chat was pretty poor. I could not even recognize my own brothers voice and the the fact the mic has no mute option was annoying as well. I sold them on ebay and got nearly all my money back

    Trying out some Turtle Beach Ear Force X1's at the moment chat quality is a lot better and there's no need to plug them into the mains, although they are hurting my ears already after only a few hours use. I'll give them a little while to break in before firing them on ebay as well

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    Exclamation Re: Tritton AX360 headset review.

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