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Thread: Bayonetta - PS3

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    Bayonetta - PS3

    Zap gives us his opinion on Sega's crazy arcade-style combat game, Bayonetta.
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    Re: Reviews - Bayonetta - PS3

    Have to disagree with PS3 loading time. you need to install the game first and not run it directly off the Blu-ray!

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    Re: Reviews - Bayonetta - PS3

    Quote Originally Posted by OilSheikh View Post
    Have to disagree with PS3 loading time. you need to install the game first and not run it directly off the Blu-ray!
    That's because the review is based on the pre-patched release, the patch was specifically released to fix the Playstation 3's extended loading times.

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    Re: User Reviews - Bayonetta - PS3

    late to the party here
    Just played it over the weekend on my friends PS3 and this is an awesome game. I'm looking to buy a PS3 now

    The story pulls you in and compels you to play, the combos are great and in the middle of a massive melee fight, pulling off witch time, then getting a torture move or climax is very gratifying. Puchasing new techniques adds more variety to how you dish out punishment and some techniques, like breakdance, is fun to do just for the visual factor.

    The boss fights are brilliantly ochestrated and can take up some time!

    As you say zap, you can both button bash or play it with combo timings. I usually fall into both...with button bashing when in panic mode!

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    Re: User Reviews - Bayonetta - PS3

    this game is awesome, that is all that needs to be said! im still in the process of going through hard mode mind!! very difficult!
    Quote Originally Posted by TAKTAK View Post
    It was so small that mine wouldn't fit into it

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