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    I recently was lucky enough to receive a copy of Sanctum from pauldarkside in the ! So here is my review

    Sanctum is an fps take on the popular tower defence games such as defence grid: the awakening. So the general game-play will be familiar to a lot of people; you build towers to rip up various waves of enemies before they reach some kind of endpoint. However being an fps you also get yours hands on some personal weaponry sniper rifle, assault and freeze guns, all upgradeable.

    The fps aspect allows you to get much more hands and engrossed in the game as your firing counts and makes the difference between winning and losing! This fact is subtly reminded by a damage per second display during waves and stats at the end of the game which aim abuse to the worst performing players!

    The fps aspect makes the placement of towers quite confusing at first until you get used to switching between top down and first person as for some reason you can't place towers whilst in top down view. Enemies attack in waves but you have unlimited time in between which allows you to plan/coordinate(or at least try to in multiplayer!). Graphics are fun with a lot of laser effects and some interestingly shaped creatures? However there’s a lack of explosions which is disappointing . Sound is good too with a cool effect when you step into a slowfield.

    Unfortunately there are only four maps to choose from but you are given a bigger sandbox than other tower defence games and personally fragging bads removes risk of monotony.

    Overall I've found it to be a great little game and would recommend playing it with a friend or three .


    Thanks again to pauldarkside for gifting me this game!

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