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Thread: Reader Review - BenQ W1210ST projector

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    Reader Review - BenQ W1210ST projector

    Recently, I was one of the lucky few to win a BenQ W1210ST projector - thank you to Hexus and BenQ for this amazing prize.

    Here are my thoughts, in the form of a reader review:

    The W1210ST is a full HD short throw DLP projector with a fast 16ms response time, making it a great choice for gaming, as well as movies.

    It was a pleasant surprise to come home from work last week and find this on the dining room table...

    Inside, the Projector is in it's own, rather nice, padded carry bag:

    Here are some shots of the W1210ST, in the flesh - please excuse my poor photography skills:

    It has a decent array of ports - two HDMI ports, one of which supports MHL (Mobile HD Link), a standard VGA port, RS232, 3.5mm Audio In & Out and USB for powering the (sadly) optional wifi HD module (which I may invest in, when the annual bonus swings around).

    The short throw capability means it can display a 100" image from just 1.5m away, but from approx 2m I had it covering most of one wall - an approximate image size of 3.8 metres.

    Having setup and a few projectors for presentations and meeting room scenarios, I was really impressed by how easily the keystone feature worked, and how effective it was.
    My first act was to hook it up to our TV box and try out The Martian. You know, just for a few minutes, to get the feel of it.

    The two built-in 10W speakers are easily more than enough for any lounge and the quality was surprisingly good - BenQ have used the space inside the chassis as a sound chamber, which really adds depth. It also means the projector doesn't seem like the sole source of the audio - I wouldn't call it surround per se, but the audio was impressively even throughout the room.

    The remote is backlit to help you find the right buttons in the dark - the light goes out after a few seconds to prevent distraction.

    So much for five minutes - two and half hours later, suitably blown away, we broke out the Steam Link and hooked up my gaming PC, only to find my Steam Link was borked.

    Plan B.

    Out came my son's XBox One - along with UCF2, Rocket League and Skyrim.

    Now, if I'm honest, I absolutely detest fighting games. Even so, I must admit I found UFC2 on the big screen (or wall, as it was in this case) quite engaging.

    Being a rookie, I was soundly thrashed each and every time( and far too quickly for my ego's liking), however, I can't blame my performance on lag - as far as I could tell, there wasn't any. Please excuse any ropey colour reproduction - I can assure you it is a result of my pitiful attempt at low light photography and nothing to do with the excellent performance of the BenQ.

    A quick blast on Rocket League was next - another game I hadn't played before, but that will soon be remedied - it was great fun. Again, responsiveness wasn't an issue with the projector - so I still can't blame anyone but myself for my dismal performance.

    Now, on to a game I do have a bit of experience with - Skyrim.

    Control was as fluid as ever, and I fared much better in combat - even with an xbox controller (mouse & keyboard FTW, yo!). I have to say, blowing up a 1080p display to 3 metres or more takes nothing away from Skyrim's beauty , even though the Xbox version has considerably lower quality visuals than the PC release.

    The W1210ST has several display modes Cinema, Game, Vivid etc.. which change softness/sharpness and brightness of the image to varying degrees. Cinema mode is definitely a worthwhile mode for movie watching - it improved The Martian considerably over other modes, but I have to say, the experience is so immersive, I played through an hour and a half of Skyrim before I realised I had left it in Cinema mode.

    A gaming projector is not something I've given much thought to in the past, nor have I seriously considered any projector for home use, despite using them quite often at the office. I really can't see us ever getting bored of the BenQ W1210ST though - the wife and I have already enjoyed several nights with our feet up, making the most of our Sky Cinema subscription, the boys have had a ball playing the Xbox downstairs instead of being tucked away in their room and we've all agreed to break out the Wii this weekend to try out Bowling, Golf and Baseball.

    When I get a replacement Steam Link, I fully intend to run through the likes of STALKER, Dishonored and (just for a laugh)...

    Once more I'd like to thank Hexus and BenQ for this excellent prize.
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    Re: Reader Review - BenQ W1210ST projector

    Congratulations. Nice review, it looks great, hope you enjoy it.

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    Re: Reader Review - BenQ W1210ST projector

    Quote Originally Posted by Tyrannosaur View Post
    Congratulations. Nice review, it looks great, hope you enjoy it.

    Really can't wait for a new Steam Link!

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    Re: Reader Review - BenQ W1210ST projector

    Congratulations on the win, and great review! Thank you.

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